Nucus - well-being platformS

Nucu is a device for providing multisensory stimulation. It activates three of the main human senses: auditory-, tactile- and visual sense. Multisensory stimulation is extremely important in hospitals for newborns, nursing homes for the elderly or at schools for special needs children.

It feels so good that I could almost fall asleep.

Well-being via senses

The idea behind Nucus is simple: provide multisensory stimulation naturally by activating the combination of three senses, auditory-, tactile- and visual sense. Nucus play the soundscapes of your choice while creating a sensation of feeling by vibrating. The soundscapes can be almost anything, the relaxing sounds of nature, your favorite music, audiobooks or perhaps the calming sound of heartbeat. Nucu activates the visual sense by providing a new, one of a kind and natural object for everyday use.

Quality and user-friendliness

Nucus are designed and manufactured in Finland. The main material used is high-quality birch plywood. Because of the material they are extremely durable. The control panel is simple with big buttons, making the user experience pleasant. Cleaning the Nucus is easy: just swipe the wooden surface with disinfectant.

All-inclusive service

Monthly fee based Nucu-servce includes the amount of Nucus wanted, technical support, future updates, customer support and possible accessories. We will always tailor the service to your needs.


In hospitals

The combination of Nucu and a babynest is used especially in Neonatal Care Units (NCU). Mothers’ womb-like soundscape and calming heartbeat can be felt and heard from the bottom part of the babynest, providing multisensory stimulation when the parents can’t be present. In addition to NCU’s, Nucus are a good addition in other units as well. Multisensory stimulation has been clinically proved to improve the newborns’ brain development.

In nursing homes

Nucu is a simple and easy way to provide multisensory stimulation. The days at nursing homes are usually hectic and the nurses can’t provide stimulating activities all the time. For those that are in the later stages of dementia, it’s even harder to get these stimulations by themselves as they are usually just passive receivers of care. Nucu is a fantastic and mobile tool to provide stimulations when no other activity is available. It can be taken to nearly everywhere and it’s not tied to a specific place.

For people with disabilities

Nucus can be used in different kinds of disability services the same way they are used in nursing homes. Activating senses can be a great addition for the daily activities.

For children with special needs

Nucus can be used to help children with special needs to relax or add depth to different kind of activities. For example Nucus are used in schools for special children.

In Your organization?

We haven't found all the cases Nucus can be utilized in. If you feel our products and services could provide aid in your organization, be sure to contact us so we can find out!

Nucu family

Nucu product family consists of three different Nucu models: Sävel, Sointu and Syke. There are two available accessories for Nucus: Nucupillows and Nucunests.


Sävel is a small sized Nucu with comprehensive properties. Compatible with Nucupillow. Because of the small size, it is safe to be used alone by kids, special needs children and the elderly.

  • Size 30 x 21 x 2,5 cm
  • Large soundscape library
  • Ability to add your soundscapes
  • Battery life of up to 19 hours

Sointu is a larger size Nucu with comprehensive properties. Compatible with Nucunest. Examples of use: Babies, special needs children and the elderly.

  • Size 60 x 35 x 2,5 cm
  • Large soundscape library
  • Ability to add your own soundscapes
  • Battery life of up to 19 hours

Syke is a larger size Nucu that is primarily used at Neonatal Care Units. It’s only function is to repeat the calming womb-like soundscape. Compatible with Nucunest.

  • Size 60 x 35 x 2,5 cm
  • Plays NucuSense -heartbeat soundscape
  • Powered by AC-adapter, no battery


Nucupillows are designed to be used with the Nucu Sävel. The Nucu is simply put inside the pillow and closed with a zipper. Both sides of the pillow have different thicknesses, so you can choose the one that feels the best for you. The pillow comes in one size and you can choose between a Marimekko-Design or a fabric used in hospitals. The pillows are machine washable.

Syke & Sointu


Nucunests are designed to help babies feel safe. Compatible with Nucu Syke and Sointu. The Nucu is placed inside the nest and then closed with a zipper. The nests come in one size and you can choose between a Marimekko-Design or a fabric used in hospitals. Both the fabric and the cushions are machine washable.