Nucu baby nest

What is Nucu?

Nucu is

a wellbeing nest for babies. It supports the baby's sleep and sense of safety. Nucu consists of two parts: the soft bed and the wooden NucuSense base plate inside the nest.

Nucu helps

especially babies who suffer colic or are born prematurely. Nucu helps babies to calm down and sleep better.

The innovation

is the NucuSense base plate. It creates a soundscape that a baby can also feel when lying on the nest. Vibration of the base plate combined with a calming sound e.g. the recorded heartbeat of the mother, gives baby a true sense of safety — feels like being in mother's lap.


can be heard

  • NucuSense creates a desired soundscape that calms both the baby and the parents. Especially the beneficial effect of the womb-like soundscapes has been studied scientifically across the globe.

can be felt

  • NucuSense also creates physical feeling from the soundscape. Together these sensory experiences create a comprehensive sense of safety.

really works

  • Nucu baby nests have been in use at the Oulu University Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit since 2016. The results have been convincing and the number of positive Nucu experiences is increasing all the time.


Possible Nucu features are NucuSense heartbeat, soundscape library, battery and mobile playback. Features may vary by model.

NucuSense heartbeat

Mother's womb-like soundscape where baby can hear and feel the safe heartbeat of the mother.

Audio library

The audio library contains several soothing NucuSense soundscapes. You can also add your own sounds to the library.


The battery allows Nucu's mobile use. The battery will last approximately 19 hours.

Mobile playback

Mobile playback allows you to play sounds or music directly from your mobile device. This way you can easily expand Nucu's soundscape to fit babys needs.

How to get Nucu nests?

Contact customer service by phone or email

+358 44 970 3385

weekdays from 9 a.m — 3 p.m


Nucu has been developed in collaboration with the Oulu University Hospital and OUH TestLab since 2016.