Nucu - feeling well

Nucu is a Finnish company with a clear goal: to improve well-being by natural means.

Our passionate and competent team as well as our headquarters are located in Oulu.

The challenges of well-being

Health and well-being are important for us all regardless of age. Their importance is noticed especially when something is not right. Sometimes our reduced state of well-being is a combination of complicated and strange reasons, sometimes it’s simple everyday struggles or hardships.

Natural solutions

We at Nucu are dedicated on recognizing those situations, where we can ease the everyday struggles by natural means. Sometimes complicated problems can be solved rather simply, when the phenomena behind them are understood.

Wellbeing via senses - for everyone

Our first innovation, Nucu, is a device for multisensory stimulation. It has been developed in co-operation with Oulu University Hospital and OYS-TestLab. The idea of combining senses of touch- and hearing started with Juha’s personal experiences with his prematurely born twins. The development progress started back in 2016 and the result was a nest-like platform that simulates mothers’ heartbeat, allowing the prematurely born baby to hear and feel a familiar sensation. Mothers’ womb-like soundscape may also support the newborns sleep, relaxation and the feeling of safety.

The benefits of multisensory stimulation are of course not limited to just babies. Due to the positive experiences from the Neonatal Care Unit (NCU), we have now expanded our services so that we can provide these pleasant sensations for everyone all the way from babies to the elderly. In addition to NCU’s, Nucus can now be found in special schools and nursing homes.

Wellbeing via co-operation - from Finland to the world


We are tightly involved in different types of research activities to improve not only our own knowledge, but to improve the quality of our services as well.

development and manufacturing

Our products are designed and manufactured in Finland. To ensure the quality of our services, we are co-operating with leading companies from different fields of expertise throughout the whole lifecycle of our products.

Customer collaboration

We see each of our customers as a valuable partner. By closely working together we are able to understand and adapt to the needs of our customers better.

Our partners